Saturday, 12 July 2014

What We've Done

I (Pamela) am passionate about this project because I want to focus on my future. If you think about it, we (as pre-teens) have to be ready for the world. Any of us could become the next prime minister, become a famous presenter etc. The world is literally in our hands. It's up to us how we treat the world and if we don't care then this world will become corrupted! Children are getting badly influenced by TV and songs, the next thing you know they will be swearing and taking drugs. Remember the riots? That include many teenagers! They were going round Peckham, Lewisham, Woolwich (etc.) and burning down shops/homes. Many teenagers died. How do you think the owners felt... Distraught, traumatized, horrified, speechless.
I think this project is a great opportunity to take advantage and be heard. Divine recently posted the story of how we came up with this. We, as a group, have became aware of the problems and situations that involve teenagers. As we were coming up with so many ideas, I decided we should make a blog where we can post what we are doing. Last month, in June, we held a bake sale at school which rose a reasonable amount of money (about £16.68). 
Divine came up with the idea of making a survey and giving to Year 7 students and some teachers. In the survey, the questions included were:

  • Do you think teenage crime has raised lately? Why?
  • What age do you think it is appropriate to have sexual intercourse?
  • Why do you think some teenagers are behaving the way they are?
  • Any other opinions?
To present our information, we have currently started making our PowerPoint. In the PowerPoint it says everything we've done on the project. This whole project is due in on Tuesday the 15th of July 2014 and we are expected to inform our class and present what we have done. This will help give us the overall level for Year 7 Humanities. When we present, we will tell our class what we have done (bake sale, sponsor, blog,  poster etc.), why we wanted to change this (next generation, focus etc.), why we are passionate (next big thing).

The 116


116 - Man Up Anthem ft. Lecrae, KB, Trip Lee, Tedashii, Derek Minor, Andy Mineo

The Movement

So first it was just a school project. 'How can you make the world a better place?', our teacher said, as we stared into a blank wall. Soon we made our group (Victoria, Esther, Pamela and I) and we brainstormed ideas of how we could change our society. But to be honest, it all seemed somehow out of perspective. Four twelve year old's making a difference in this vast, vast world?
Well, even if we couldn't make a difference, we still had to do something since it was school work which contributed greatly to our final levels.
Victoria came up with the idea on focusing it on teenage crime and pregnancy. We all seemed happy of that idea, or maybe it was just me, and we soon starting talking about all the things we could do. We thought of so much, even getting the main cast from the Youngers to come in on the day of our final presentation to talk about their characters, their involvement in the show and how they made it successful in the acting industry. (We emailed the production company in the end, called their agents but unfortunately they were all unavailable on the day, *sigh*.)
As we all got involved more in the project, we all seemed to be more passionate (or maybe again, that was just me).
Well at least, the reason I am passionate is because eventually we will be the ones making all the decisions in our world; who will be our next president, what will we do for a living? But if we as teenagers (or pre-teens in my case) are living, trying to impress others, putting our courage into things like drugs or crime, what will our world be like then? Bad will become normal, and good will become weird. We will be setting the standard low for our own children and be living in bad world.
So here came this blog, which was Pamela's idea, as a way to note our movement.
The name of our project actually came from a song (we're not the real 116's). 116 Clique - Man Up.
The real 116's are the Christian rappers Lecrae, KB, Trip Lee, Tedashii, Sho Baraka, Derek Minor and Andy Mineo.

The 116